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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Fine Art of Secretariat Collection

The Fine Art of Racing and The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) is pleased to offer The Fine Art of Secretariat Collection by Thomas Allen Pauly. Portions of the proceeds of these fine art prints featuring the legendary Triple Crown champion Secretariat will benefit The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.

“The PDJF is very grateful to be associated with Tom Pauly and his work. Tom has such a great spirit and interest in horse racing, and in particular, the jockeys. His cumulative work is the best example that illustrates his love of horse racing. His willingness to share his work, invest his time and service to help further the mission of the PDJF is a testament of his commitment.” ...Nancy LaSala - executive director of PDJF.

Please visit Thomas Allen Pauly's The Fine Art of Secretariat Collection Gallery to order your Secretariat fine art giclee prints.

  Video of Thomas Allen Pauly's The Fine Art of Secretariat

The Fine Art of Secretariat by Thomas Allen Pauly from Thomas Allen Pauly on Vimeo.

Slide-show of Thomas Allen Pauly's The Fine Art of Secretariat
Art Prints

Thomas Allen Pauly - The Fine Art of Racing

Since 1978, award-winning equine artist Thomas Allen Pauly has portrayed some of the finest horses and jockeys in the country. Born and raised in Chicago, his love of the sport emerged in the Sportsman's Park's winner circle when his friend's horse, Rusty Win, captured the feature race by five lengths. He was hooked.

Pauly depicted the who's who in Thoroughbred racing in a portrait series commissioned by Arlington International Racecourse. Churchill Downs selected Pauly as the "Official Artist of the 2006 Kentucky Derby Commemorative Print." His painting of Barbaro was published as their Official Fan Appreciation Commemorative Art Print. In 2010, Pauly's artwork appeared on the hit reality show Undercover Boss which featured the COO of Churchill Downs, Bill Carstenjen.
Recently, his painting titled Waiting for Secretariat is featured in Kate Chenery Tweety's book Secretariat's Meadow - The Land, The Family, The Legend.

Pauly's portraits are known for their accuracy, their energy, their sentiment and their celebration of achievement. To view Thomas Allen Pauly's portfolio, please visit

 The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF)

The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) is a 501(c)(3) public charity that provides financial assistance to some 60 former jockeys who have suffered catastrophic on-track injuries.

Since its founding in 2006, the fund has disbursed over $2.5 million to permanently disabled jockeys, most of whom have sustained paralysis or brain injuries.

Many of the jockeys we serve were injured while in their 20s and 30s and face decades of living with a disability. They have lost their income and the opportunity to build a financial cushion sufficient to support them and their families.

The medical needs of our disabled jockeys are great and may include daily assistance from a caregiver. In today's healthcare environment, costs continue to escalate -- posing still more challenges to individuals who courageously test their limits every day.

The PDJF strives to reach out to everyone in the Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse industry, their business partners and the great fans of this sport for their support.

Our long-term goal is to create an endowment that will enable the fund to be self-sufficient.

While we build that endowment we ask for your support so that we may continue to assist these permanently disabled jockeys with their day-to-day needs.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

HRTV Features the Equine Art of Thomas Allen Pauly

The Fine Art of Racing and HRTV is pleased to announce that the artwork of equine artist Thomas Allen Pauly will be featured on HRTV's Race Day America.

The interview will air Thursday August 19, 2010 starting at 11:15am (CDT) and will feature
many of Pauly's equine paintings and drawings. Among the highlights of the broadcast will be the premiere of the portrait of Gio Ponti, the 2009 Arlington Million champion, which will be published as the 2010 Arlington Million Limited Edition Art Print with portions of the proceeds benefiting The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF).
Race Day America show is a daily TV show hosted by Carolyn Conley and Scott Hazelton, which previews the day's Thoroughbred racing action and includes interviews with topical personalities in the racing community.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thomas Allen Pauly - Midwest Thoroughbred Magazine

Thomas Allen Pauly - Midwest Thoroughbred Magazine

The Man Behind the Easel

Thomas Allen Pauly…Painting with Passion

Stationed paddock-side on the apron level of Arlington Park, one of the world’s extraordinary equine artists and photographers, Thomas Allen Pauly, arranges a temporary “studio” where all can watch this master at work.
A large crowd gathers on this Saturday afternoon, as they do every weekend at this most beautiful of racing facilities, making a perfect backdrop for the artist to make the final touches on his portrait of 2010 Kentucky Derby winner, Super Saver.
Pauly intended to paint in the paddock this day, as he will throughout the summer meet, but inclement weather took issue with his plan. Pauly smiles as he enjoys the parade of people watching him create. They admire his work, some inquire about it, but all are simply mesmerized by his latest masterpiece. After all, few people have had the experience of observing an artist on-the-job, let alone the man who was named in 2006 as the “Official Portrait Artist of the Kentucky Derby.”
Some wonder out loud as they pass the portrait, “Is that the Kentucky Derby winner? “Yes, this is Super Saver He’s almost done, but I still have to put the mud on him,” Pauly told a young boy, who appears to be about 10 years old.
Pauly painting“It was raining that (Derby) day, and he got covered in mud during the race. I add the mud effect last, and with a toothbrush,” Pauly explained, not worried in the least about the ice cream cone the kid’s holding while the child zooms in for a closer look. The youngster exclaims “Wow, you were there?,” and runs off to share this information with his family.
Almost to the count of five, the boy’s family arrives to share the experience when the grandfather inquires, “What’s that black thing you rest your hand on?” The man behind the easel says to him, laughingly, “Good question. It’s actually a curtain rod. It works well as a rest for my hand when I paint. It was white at Churchill Downs, and everyone thought it was a cane, so I covered it with black tape,” he explained.
And that’s the essence of the artist, Thomas Allen Pauly. His first official Kentucky Derby portrait was in1999 of Charismatic, and it remains one of the artist’s favorites. Having spent just a few minutes with him, “charismatic” aptly describes Pauly. He is entirely bemused by the impact his work has on the beholder.
It was a chance introduction to racing that propelled this man to where he is today, he who has taken paint and canvas and re-created moments of thoroughbred racing, from the victories of champions to a still life of jockey’s boots, to perfection.
Invited to the old Sportsman’s Park to watch a harness horse owned by the father of a high school pal, the horse, Rusty Win, did indeed win, with Pauly receiving a winner’s circle photo that ultimately inspired him to draw horses. While his previous artistic endeavors were caricatures created while in high school, the first one of Richard Nixon from MAD magazine, Pauly created a drawing of Rusty Win. He sold it to his friend’s Dad, the horse owner, and his passion grew from there.
This passion has carried Pauly far, quite literally. He travels extensively to attend and photograph racing from Longchamps in France to Meydan in Dubai. He insists on taking photographs himself, so he can translate “his moments” to canvas. “I shoot at the barrel,” Pauly said, “as it gives me the depth that I want to see. People and horses, actually,” he laughed.
The magic of Pauly’s still life portraits move the mind in a different direction. The observer can nearly feel the horses and riders on the track, the emotion of the victories and defeats, furlongs ridden. Pauly has a particular sense for depicting jockeys, and the silks they wear. He gives great care to detail for these masters of the game, and pays close attention to the tiniest details, such as a spot of mud on the glove of Calvin Borel aboard Super Saver.
In all their peacock finery, the majesty of every jockey has a home deep in Pauly’s heart, “especially when the jockey goes up on his horse,” he said. ”I pay close attention to all the detail involved, the hands on the withers, and the connection of horse to rider,” Pauly said, reliving one of many great moments in his mind.
Pauly explained, “Someone asked me how I concentrate at the Kentucky Derby when they play ‘My Old Kentucky Home.’ This year was the first time that I actually stood and listened, because usually I’m down in the trenches shooting photos. I felt the moment, but then I went back to taking shots.”
His studio loft located in Chicago is a shrine to horse racing. Jockey’s silks, photos, saddlery, a whip made especially for him by Rene Douglas, and a caricature done of Pauly by Pierre E. “Peb” Bellocq, the legendary Daily Racing Form artist, adorn the walls.
Pauly also finds solace and inspiration at his 100-acre farm situated on a lake in Hayward, Wis. It is here where he painted the jockeys’ caricature, which was a key element to auction items to aid the Permanently Disabled Jockey’s Fund (PDJF) “Dining with the Dynasty” fundraiser event held at Arlington Park in August 2009.
Twenty-three Hall of Fame jockeys attended and were the subjects of part of Pauly’s work for the event. He created a seven foot canvas called “The Gate” that depicts each Hall of Fame jockey who attended the “Dynasty” event in the starting gate detailed down to eyeglasses and aging. Pauly designed the event invitations, and a collectable program with inserts that featured each jockey’s biography and caricature. In addition, he designed a limited edition collectable poster.
While Pauly began his love affair of horses 32 years ago, the list of accolades and achievements grows. 2010 was the 11th consecutive year that he photographed the Kentucky Derby. Earlier this year, Pauly added to his legacy when a collection of his paintings were seen in the “Undercover Boss” (CBS-TV series) episode featuring Arlington Park. These included his classic titled “Red, White and Blue” positioned alongside the desk where Churchill Downs Inc. COO Bill Carstanjen sits while disclosing his “true colors” at the end of the episode.
In 2011, he will be the “Official Artist of the 2011 Iroquois Steeplechase” in Nashville, Tenn.. Future plans are in place to illustrate a book on international racing with noted racing writer Victor Zast. His portrait of Super Saver is complete, and now graces his website at
Pauly’s work is downright magical, even for a non-racing enthusiast. Recalling the ancient Bedouin proverb “God took a handful of southerly wind, blew on it, and created the horse” is truly something of an equally cosmic nature that seems to guide each Pauly brushstroke.
So it is that the racing world has been gifted with yet another great one, who, like so many of his subjects, makes horse racing’s moments real for eternity.

About the Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund (PDJF); LaSala Lauds Pauly’s Efforts

Thomas Allen 
PaulyThe Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) was founded in 2006 as a collaborative effort of horse racing industry leaders. Its mission is to bring much-needed financial assistance to jockeys who have given so much to the sport of horse racing.
PDJF is governed by an independent board comprised of stakeholders from a broad cross-section of the horse racing industry. The organization is committed to working with both industry and medical research groups to improve the safety of both the human and equine athlete as well as medical research projects dedicated to reducing catastrophic injuries.
Among its board members are Roy Arnold, president, Arlington Park; horse owner William Farish; actress and horse advocate, Bo Derek; and jockeys Jon Court and John Velazquez, and others.
Nancy LaSala is executive director of PDJF, and to the contribution of Thomas Allen Pauly to the organization she said, “The PDJF is very grateful to be associated with Tom Pauly and his work. Tom has such a great spirit and interest in horse racing, and in particular, the jockeys. His cumulative work is the best example that illustrates his love of horse racing. His willingness to share his work, invest his time and service to help further the mission of the PDJF is a testament of his commitment.”

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"George Steinbrenner Doesn't Carry Cards"

"George Steinbrenner doesn't carry cards"...When I was just beginning my career in equine art, I had an art exhibit at the Illinois Standardbred Yearling Sale at Sportsman's Park. A gentleman approach my gallery and said he wanted to buy my piece titled "Winter Solstice". "I want it delivered ASAP". I asked him for his business card... "George Steinbrenner doesn't carry cards", I preceded to give him a pen and a pad of paper which he wrote his name and address while mumbling something. I always thought that it would have been so much easier for him to carry business cards.


George Steinbrenner passed away yesterday and I will always remember that special moment.


To this day, I always carry cards.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"What A Show"

"Put On A Show" - June 26, 2010 Fan Hanover Stakes from Thomas Allen Pauly on Vimeo.

One of the top honors that an equine artist could receive is a commission by the owner to portray their fine champion. Unfortunately, this usually happens after the horse is retired and one does not get to experience their subject's racing career. Owner Craig Henderson loves horse racing and he loves to share racing with his friends...On the 32nd anniversary of my introduction to the sport, I was commissioned by Craig to portray Put on a Show. She is a very talented 3 year old champion filly by Rocknroll Hanover, she's a millionaire and happens to be a harness horse. Although it has been years since I painted a Standardbred, my heart and roots are in harness racing.

On Thursday, I received a call from Mr. Henderson inviting me to watch his filly race. Not just any race, it is the $666,000.00 Fan Hanover Stakes. Not just any track, it is Mohawk Raceway in Toronto, Canada. And not just any plane, it is a Beechcraft Hawker private jet.

We arrive at Chicago Executive Airport at 2:30 pm and we take off at 2:39pm. No security, no x-ray machines, no shoe removal and you could bring on bottle water.  Wow! This is the only way to fly...We arrive 52 minutes later in Hamilton, Canada  and limo to the track. Weather is perfect. Mohawk Racetrack looks great and is packed (compliments of casino gambling). We have tables reserved on the terrace overlooking the finish line. Drinks and fine food were abundant. The host was beaming.

It was like going back 32 years, clicking hundreds of pictures of the breed that started me on this journey. Talking with Hall of Fame driver Dave Magee, who has 3 of my paintings, including my very first harness driver portrait (see image). Meeting driving legend John Campbell and reminiscence about his portrait that his wife commissioned me to paint 22 years ago.  Experiencing the paddock again, forgetting that numerous races are harnessed here at once. The barn was filled with much energy, excitement and anticipation.

"Put on a Show" is #5 in the 5th race. The favorite at 1:1.  She is trained by Chris Ryder, driven by Tim Tetrick. One minute to post: I decided not to photograph her race from my usual position at the finish line. I wanted to experience the race with Craig, his co-owner Richard Young and their many friends.  Nerves are setting in, everyone is pacing(pun intended). And They're Off...she breaks slowly from the gate and is 7th at the clubhouse turn. Her usual style. At the 8th pole she is is flying on the outside like a Hawker jet. Just misses at the wire. An awesome race, with a little quicker pace she would have won going away. But, it wasn't meant to be... She is the best filly in the sport and she will get them next time.

10:30pm: the car takes us back to our jet. I am home by midnight.

WOW!!! One of the greatest experiences I have ever had in horse racing. Thank you Craig for "Putting On A Great Show"  and returning me to my roots.

Thomas Allen Pauly (circa 1986) up on one of my pacers "Royal Rhyme" that I co-owned with trainer/driver Robert Williams Jr...I used to help jog my horses at Sportsmans Park every weekend. I miss those mornings.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thomas Allen Pauly Featured in American Art Collector Magazine

...The June issue of the American Art Collector magazine will feature my oil painting titled "Moulin de Longchamp" in their special section titled "The Art of the Horse." It explores the history and majestic power of the horse by art expert John O'Hern.
My artwork is featured in this story along with fellow equine artists Joseph Piccillo, Mikel Donahue, Jean Requa Lubin, Hazel Morgan, Sandra Oppegard and Veryl Goodnight...This issue introduces our genre to a national audience...

To view a PDF or to order a copy:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper - Actor, Artist and Racing Fan

...I just heard that Dennis Hopper passed away today at 74 years old. Mr. Hopper was a great actor, an avid racing fan and a prolific painter. I had the opportunity to discuss artwork with him on numerous occasions. This is a photo of us at the 2003 Kentucky Derby.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thomas Allen Pauly - "Derby Day" Art Exhibit

Thomas Allen Pauly Art Gallery 2010 Kentucky Derby Video on Vimeo.
Thomas Allen Pauly Art Gallery 2010 Kentucky Derby Video on YouTube

What a great experience I had exhibiting at this year's Kentucky Derby. It is an extremely rare opportunity for an equine artist to be invited to have a one man art show at the historic Churchill Downs Racetrack during the Kentucky Derby and Oaks. Except for the huge storms that arrived on Derby day, I couldn't ask for anything better. The gallery spaces was absolutely perfect and the management/sales teams were incredible. It was great to see many of my longtime collectors as well as meeting new ones.

My exhibits were located at the 3 main gates, displaying 38 of my original oils, watercolors and graphites.  I had the wonderful opportunity to have my oil painting of "Derby Day" published as the "Official Commemorative Print of The Kentucky Derby 136" along with numerous licensed Derby products.

But, the highlight of the weekend was painting on location and discussing my portfolio and painting style with collectors, racing fans and aspiring artists. My portrait of "Zenyatta" was a crowd favorite, especially since her rival Rachel Alexandra came in second in the La Trioienne Stakes earlier on Oaks day.

Although I didn't get an opportunity to shoot many of the undercard races, I did get to photograph my 12th Derby/Oaks. This year, I had a team of 5 shooters capturing many of the pivotal scenes of the 2010 Derby. My photos will be published by GIA Marketing as licensed Derby/Oaks Winners Prints.

I would like to thank The Game, Gloria Irwin and the team of Gia Marketing for making this event an amazing success.  Also, a very special thanks to Shawn Toth for assisting me with my artwork displays.

I'm already making plans for my 2011 Derby art show....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Kentucky Derby Features the Equine Art of Thomas Allen Pauly

LOUISVILLE, KY (April 29, 2010) --- I will have the great honor to present a one man art exhibit at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky during the 2010 Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks. The show will run April 30 - May 1 at several gallery locations throughout the grounds of historic Churchill Downs and at the Kentucky Derby Museum on May 2, 2010.

My exhibit will feature original oils, watercolors and graphites along with numerous official Kentucky Derby licensed art products. Among the highlights of the exhibition will be my commissioned portrait of this year's Kentucky Derby champion which will be published in a very limited Derby edition of 136 fine art prints.
Throughout the event, I will also have the opportunity to be painting the great champion
"Zenyatta" in Churchill's paddock and also at my main gallery
located near the walking ring.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thomas Allen Pauly's Artwork "As Seen On TV" in Undercover Boss

My "Undercover Boss" viewing at Pair O' Lakes Lodge in the Northwoods

It was a very surreal experience seeing my artwork on the huge Plasma TV screens deep in the heart of the Northwoods.  The Pair O' Lakes Lodge in Trego, Wisconsin (pop. 885) was a perfect venue to share this special event with my friends over beer and the lodge's famous fish fry.  Not only was it an honor to have my work displayed in pivotal scenes, but it was great to see my friends at Arlington Park and view horse racing in a positive light.  Thank you to Undercover Boss, Arlington Park, Producer Rachelle Mendez and CBS for including my artwork in their #1 hit reality show.

The paintings that were featured in
Arlington's board room and the executive office.

"Longchamp" - Print on Canvas,
24" x 36" - Board Room

"Waiting for Secretariat" - Print on Canvas,
  24" x 36" - Board Room

 "Red, White & Blue" - Oil on Canvas,
 20" x 30" - Executive Office

"Longchamp" - Oil on Canvas,     
16" x 24" - Executive Office

Undercover Boss scene featuring Thomas Allen Pauly's artwork in the executive office.
Air Date: 03/14/10
Video time: 1:25 minutes
C.O.O. Bill Carstanjen reveals his identity to Arlington Park valet Kenny Rice

 Link to "Undercover Boss - Churchill Downs"
Full Episode, 42:55 minutes, Air Date: 03/14/10

Friday, March 12, 2010

Undercover Boss TV Show Features Equine Art of Thomas Allen Pauly

 "Arlington Park"

This Sunday, there is a very good chance that 8 of my paintings will appear in the hit reality series Undercover Boss.  Last summer, I received a phone call from Arlington Park and CBS requesting to use my artwork in numerous shooting locations. They will be featured in Arlington's board room and the Executive Suites. It was tons of fun taking part in the filming and it should help promote horse racing.

I hope everyone watches.

Stay tuned and get your VCR, Tivo, DVR ready.

Sunday March 14, 8pm CST

Here's a preview....Undercover Boss - Churchill Downs ... The COO of Churchill Downs Bill Carstenjen goes undercover at his own racetracks where he must face his fear of horses and is brought to tears after working for one employee.

To view preview:
 Undercover Boss

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pauly commissioned to portray 2009 Illinois Stallion of the Year "Shore Breeze"

Recently, I was commissioned by Illinois Racing News to portray "Shore Breeze", the 2009 Illinois Stallion of the Year. He is a 12 year old brown horse (Danzig - Sea Breeze, by Gulch) bred by Morven Stud, Ltd.  He stands at John F. Haran's Eagle Valley Farm North...Please visit my "At The Easel" Blog for additional information regarding my oil painting titled "Shore Breeze".